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Feeling Better with Fillers & Fat

     Have you looked in the mirror lately and wondered where did that youthful full face go and why do I always have bags under my eyes? It is a problem that all of us face while we age, some earlier than others. Many people notice it after a large weight loss. Most conditions do not require a face-lift, as they may be isolated to one or two areas of the face. So what do you do to fill that face out again?

     Fortunately, modern cosmetic science has developed many and varied products to fill in those sagging areas. At Genesis we offer both fillers and your fat as an answer to the question.

     There are now many and varied choices with fillers so that one thickness does not fit all. For instance in the Juvederm line of fillers there are thicker ones made specifically to address the sagging under the eye and thin velvety ones that are made to enhance the lips or fill in those unsightly pucker lines. In between there are mid grade thickness fillers that are designed to go in the face to fill out around the mouth, nose, and mid-face. The newest Juvederm fillers, Volbella and Vollure, now are noted to last longer after injection than their predecessors and are not prone to cause swelling as before. By assessing your needs, fillers can be paired to the area of need and used in combination with Botox for wrinkles in other areas. Unlike in years gone by you are not limited to a “one size fits all areas” as customization has proven to be clinically better. Filler injections are done in the office in as little as 15 minutes and do not require any down time.

     We so commonly have patients that have more marked volume loss or are looking for a more enhanced lift than what is achieved by fillers. The fat transfer to the face is an answer to that problem. We can harvest your own fat and after gentle processing add Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) using your blood platelets then precisely place the fat in your face to address the volume loss areas. The advantage over filler is that: (1) using YOUR own tissue, not a bio-engineered product; (2) it lasts longer than filler; (3) allows us to use more volume in each area particularly under the eye or around the mouth; (4) can enhance the “glow” of the skin because of the presence of the platelets. Fat harvesting is done first, usually on the abdomen and that fat is then used for the enhancement. The harvesting can be done in conjunction with a full LipoSculpting or done as a “harvest only” procedure without sculpting…depending on your desires. Not only can the face be enhanced with fat but also the breasts, buttocks, hands, and other problematic areas of the body where enhancement is needed or desired.

    So now how do you decide on which route to take? Certainly for smaller isolated areas or specific enhancement in small areas such as the lips, filler is likely the best choice. However, with multiple areas, larger areas, or more severe volume loss, the fat transfer needs to be considered. At an appointment with Genesis, we can help you decide what route or combination of routes you need to achieve that more youthful look. Call us soon at 843-669-2220 and one of our professional staff will be glad to assist you.    

Written by Dr. Edward O’Dell, M.D., FACOG

Medical Director & Co-Founder, Genesis Cosmetic Laser Center

1273 Celebration Boulevard, Florence, SC 29501



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